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Latest Press Release:

Virtual EVE™: The Next EVE-olution of Adult Entertainment

Consumers bored with the same old porn crave a more 'interactive' experience.

June 20, 2005 -- "People are bored with porn," according to Evan Sexton, PR Director of EVE Interactive. "You plop an adult movie in the DVD player, hit play, and just sit there and passively watch. People are ready for something more interactive. They’re tired of being passive observers; they want to be active participants”

What is Virtual EVE™? Is it a video game?  "Not exactly," says Mr. Sexton. “It doesn't fit within the tradition goal-oriented framework of what we define as a 'video game'. There isn’t a specific goal you need to accomplish; it’s something you experience. So in that respect, it’s not a game, but it's not just another static porn movie either. It’s more of a real-time sex simulator. It features completely real-time 3D graphics which allows for a more interactive, immersive experience. You choose the sexual position, you navigate the environment with a free-roaming camera, and you direct the on-screen action."

What makes Virtual EVE™ so revolutionary? "Well, in all honesty, I wouldn't call it revolutionary, it's EVE-olutionary," says Sexton cheekily. "Revolutionary, in my mind, would be something like the (Star Trek) Holodeck that could produce simulations indistinguishable from reality. Our development team, on the other hand, had somewhat more modest present-day technology to work with,” jokes Sexton. “I’m very proud of the final product that our talented team has produced; it has passed what our beta testers refer to as the all-important 'hard-on' test. Um... please don’t' ask..."

Visit the VirtualEVE.com website for more information, in-game product screenshots, and a free product demo. Download the free demo now and put it to your own "hard-on" test.

About EVE Interactive
EVE Interactive, founded in early 2004, specializes in the development of cutting-edge interactive adult entertainment. In addition to Virtual EVE™, the company also has other ‘virtual girl’ products in development.

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